Improper Deck Maintenance Invites Unwanted Pests

Pest control in New Jersey can always be an issue thousands have trouble with.  Now, in most cases, pests don’t just come in the form of spiders or mice that somehow end up within the home, pests come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  However, pests can be dangerous for any clean home and even though the home may be well looked after, that doesn’t always stop the pests.  It is in fact the decking area and poor deck maintenance that causes lots of unwanted pests to enter the home, so how to correct these issues?

Replace or Repair the Decking

First and foremost, the condition of the deck needs to be checked.  This is a must when it comes to deck maintenance because if there is anything broken it could lead to many unwanted pests.  So, let’s say there is some broken patio decking, that would need to be replaced; or if the deck is weathered and tired looking, try resealing it so that it prevents pests from getting into the home.  A good home inspection is always wise to do every few months and that should also include the decking area.

Don’t Leave Dirt or Trash on the Deck

It can be easily done, after parties, barbeques or long hot summer days, you can leave little items outside on the decking area.  Things such as food and drinks are left out all the time and mostly it’s because of parties and they get forgotten about but it is vital not to leave any old or stale foods outside.  Leaving old food out will attract more pests so, if you want pest control in New Jersey, ensure there is no food or dirt left outside the home otherwise the pests may be attracted to that.

Add a Screen Mesh

For wood decks that are slightly raised off the ground, it would be a great idea to have a mesh screen so that the pests cannot get in.  However, if you are installing one of these, they absolutely must be kept clean and well maintained also.  It doesn’t hurt to constantly clean and ensure no debris is left behind the screen because it can attract more pests.  Have a home inspection every so often and even update the condition of the mesh.

What to Remember

  • Remove Overgrown Bushes
  • Trim Back Trees
  • Ensure No Sewage Is Causing Problems
  • Keep The Area Tidy And Clean

These are important things to think about especially when it comes to New Jersey pest control.  It can be very difficult to keep unwanted pests out of the home when the decking maintenance isn’t kept up to date.  Also, if there is a lot of dirt then it can attract pests.  Of course, in the winter months, when it’s cold, you probably aren’t going to use the outside decking area a lot but it still needs to have good maintenance.

Home Improvement Is Key

When someone says home improvement, they don’t always mean renovating a kitchen or bathroom but actually improving areas that need to be including the decking area.  This is one of the biggest and most troublesome areas within a home and it does need to be brought up to standards in order to become a lovely and effective part of the home.  The winter months can bring in a lot of pests but so can the summer so you need to do whatever possible to improve the maintenance of the decking and ensure pest control in New Jersey is kept under your control.

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